In the wriggling ridges in the southwest of Harqin Banner, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, there is a place with a picturesque scenery and immense forest, Wangyedian Experimental Forest Farm of Harqin Banner, which is a new type of state-owned forest farm that boasts beautiful ecological environment, continuous forest management and affluence and harmony. In the sixty years since its establishment, the forest farm vigorously planted trees and closed forests for afforestation, thereby the forest area has been continuously increasing and the forest cover rate has been increased from 26.3% at the initial stage of the establishment to the present 92.1%. The focus of work in the forestry farm has also gradually shifted from the afforestation of the barren hills to the sustainable management of forests.

In August 2011, Wangyedian Forest Farm undertook the only one multi-functional forestry demonstration project implemented at home which is among other projects funded by Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet). In combination with the implementation of the project, the forest farm proposed the management concept of “promoting the close-to-nature transformation of plantations, realizing the high values of natural forests and industrializing forest by-products to cultivate multi-functional forests and achieve sustainable forest management”. In the past five years, the multi-functional forestry construction in the forest farms has achieved fruitful results and five major bright spots have been shown in the forest close-to- nature management. By the end of 2016, the forest farmland area was 25,307 hectares, and the total stock volume of standing timber in the Farm was 1,527,000 cubic meters, with an annual growth of 38,000 cubic meters. It has not only accumulated rich experience for close-to-nature management of the state-owned forest farms, but also has provided good examples and demonstrations for multifunctional forest management in northern China and even in the Asia Pacific region, which is worth studying and promoting. (Wangyedian Experimental Forest Farm)


Multi-functional forestry management station and training base


Head office of Wangyedian Experimental Forest Farm


Forest Recreation demonstration area


Forest Experience Trail

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