Michelia macclurei is an evergreen tree species of the genus Michelia x alba, in the family Magnoliaceae. It has natural distribution in Guangxi, which is an excellent timber tree species in the south subtropical region of China. With the tall stem, dense crown, beautiful form, luxuriant foliage, white flowers, rich fragrance, and bright red fruits, the plant boasts high ornamental value and is an excellent tree species in urban area. Its heartwood is light yellow, shiny, fine-structured, easy to dry, and corrosion resistant, thus the timber is suitable for interior decoration, furniture, vehicles and other purposes, and it is also the excellent materials for making plywood.

The scientific and technical personnel of Experimental Center of Tropical Forestry in Guangxi took the management mode of selective cutting of target tree and the tending measures for promoting natural regeneration, to cultivate the precious large diameter timber, thus gradually form the multi-functional plantation with rich levels and stable structure. With several times of continuous tending and thinning, and targeted cultivation of the large diameter timber trees, the stand environment has been significantly improved, and the growth of forest trees gradually improved, thus the multi-functional plantation with rich levels and stable structure has gradually taken shape. (Experimental Center of Tropical Forestry)


Michelia macclurei


Demonstration forest for cultivation technology of large diameter timber of Michelia macclurei Age of forest: 32 years

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