The Experimental Center of Tropical Forestry has started breeding Castanopsis hystrix plantation since 1970s. The afforestation mainly focused on pure forests at the early stage, which were tended according to the traditional way, resulting in some problems in the management. With continuous exploration and practice, the general scientific and technical personnel of the Experimental Center of Tropical Forestry actively studied and introduced the forest management theory and its technical system on close-to-nature forest management from Germany, and transformed the Castanopsis hystrix monoculture plantation or the even aged mixed forest into the uneven-aged stratified mixed forest constituted mainly by Castanopsis hystrix and many other tree species, to breed the high quality large diameter timber oriented forest of Castanopsis hystrix and realize the development goal of sustainable close-to-nature management.

The Experimental Center of Tropical Forestry proposes 3 kinds of management technology models for cultivating the large diameter timber Castanopsis hystrix close-to-nature forest, targeting three types of stand: Castanopsis hystrix plantation, Pinus massoniana plantationand the slash reafforestation. These models integrate and innovate the successful experiences of research on Castanopsis hystrix artificial forest breeding technologies in China and the research and practices on large diameter Castanopsis hystrix breeding technologies of the Center, and they are advanced in technology, feasible in economy and highly operable in production. (Experimental Center of Tropical Forestry)


Technical Guide for Large-diameter-timber Oriented Plantation of Castanopsis Hystrix by Close-to-nature Forest Management


Demonstration for large-diameter-timber oriented plantation of Castanopsis hystrix

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