INNER MONGOLIA, August 9 -- Kubuqi Desert is the seventh largest desert in China, covering an area of 18,600 square kilometers. It was once the source of frequent sandstorms hitting Beijing, however, after 30 years desertification control, it creates the remarkable ‘Kubuqi model’, which offers solution to desertification control.

FYG-Key Program_-8.10_Kubuqi_model_offers_solution_to_desertification_control1

Figure 1 Straw Checkerboard Barriers model

 FYG-Key Program_-8.10_Kubuqi_model_offers_solution_to_desertification_control2

Figure 2 Ecological photovoltaic sand control model

 FYG-Key Program_-8.10_Kubuqi_model_offers_solution_to_desertification_control3

Figure 3 Species pool

 FYG-Key Program_-8.10_Kubuqi_model_offers_solution_to_desertification_control4

Figure 4 Spiral drill planting method, which also named dry cultivation method

 FYG-Key Program_-8.10_Kubuqi_model_offers_solution_to_desertification_control5

Figure 5 Water saving container method

By Xin Shuyu


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