INNER MOGOLIA, June 27, Xinhua -- More than 30 experts from China, Mongolia and Russia gathered in Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region on June 17 to visit an environment improvement project being run by Tian Long Ecology, a leading force in greenery projects in Baotou, reports Baotou Daily.

Experts seek desertification control solutions

Experts from China, Mongolia and Russia exchange views on desertification prevention and improving the environment during a conference held in Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, June 17. [Photo/Baotou Daily]

A conference was held to discuss desertification prevention and environmental improvement solutions.

The delegation of experts included some big names in environmental protection and desertification prevention, like Igor S. Zonn, Ivetta A. Zonn, Byambaa Dashdeleg and Zumberel Vangur.

Tian Long Ecology has been responsible for a greenery project at Daqing Mountain in Baotou city since 2001. The company has successfully introduced an intelligent system utilizing drip irrigation to help control water usage and helped boost fertilization to increase greenery on the mountain.

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