URUMQI, April 10 -- Recent days in the warming spring, Zhang Dongsheng, deputy director of Urumqi Office, drove to the Nanshan Branch of Eastern Tianshan Mountains State-owned Forest Management Bureau and took a visit to his “relatives” Saimaiti, who works as a forest ranger and just got into the “one to one helping group” and became “relatives” of Zhang. When Saimaiti saw his new brother Zhang, he felt very happy and put some Baoersake( donuts) and milk-teas on the table( which are frequently ready for respect quests) and invited Zhang to sit on the Kang (a heatable brick bed). In the conventional greetings with Saimaiti, Zhang was very pleased when he knew that Saimaiti is an excellent forest ranger. Saimaiti has three children, among them, one is a graduate student of Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics and another one is a student of Xinjiang Forestry Polytechnic School. The couple expressed their gratitude to the Government and “relatives” like Zhang. 

Zhang Dongsheng not only helps his relatives, but also always puts numerous workers of Nanshan Branch Forestry Bureau at his heart who are at same situation with Saimaiti. In order to solve the difficult problems and to improve current situation of the branch and its workers, he called on a number of delegates and well-known entrepreneurs of Xinjiang with him and acted as a go-between for investment in the development of eco-tourism, and health care project of the forest. The Branch leaders are very pleased when they conducted in-depth communication with the entrepreneurs who  are interested in investing in the development of forest ecological industry and promised to preparing for further investigation.

In the future, Urumqi Office will continue to visit the relatives, organize various forms of interactive activities and push forward ethnic development, and with their own true feelings and actions to irrigate the blossoming red flowers of ethnics’ unity.

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