URUMQI, March 10 -- On March10th, Urumqi Office of SFA held the first Joint Meeting with People’s Procuratorate of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 2017.The two sides reviewed the cooperationin recent years, forest related cases in 2016, prosecution cases and main work of 2017.  The minutes of the meeting was formed mainly on further strengthening the protection and law enforcement of forest resources. Zhou Leigang, editor of People.cn Xinjiang Branch and Director of Chinese Communist Party Xinjiang Branch participated in the meeting.

Zhang Dongsheng, deputy director of Urumqi office of SFA pointed out that The Decision of the CPC Central Committee on Promoting Several Major Issues of Ruling the Country by Law requires the sound establishment of convergence mechanism of law enforcement of administrative and criminal justice laws, which is as an important content to deepen the judicial system and social management system reform. For a long time, the SFA has attached great importance to the crack down and punishment against forest related crimes, and has launched special operations solely or jointly with the judicial organs on the issues related to the destruction of forestland, forest (timber) and wildlife for numerous times and has achieved notable effects. 

Urumqi office, as a Special supervision organization of SFA in Xinjiang for protecting forest resources, shoulders the responsibility and obligation of the implementation of the CPC Central Committee strategic deployment on strengthening construction of ecological civilization, in accordance with the requirements of Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Accelerating the Construction of Ecological Civilization and other related documents, by establishing the two laws convergence work systems of internet sharing and mutual support to make full use of the special role that prosecution plays in the work of against the crimes related to the destruction of forest resources .

As to the work in 2017, Zhang put forward four views. Firstly, the working group organized by Urumqi office, People’s procuratorate and the forestry department of Xinjiang must take joint supervision on the major forest related cases. Secondly, carry out the investigation on the impact of the Silk Road Economic Belt on the import and export of Endangered Wild Fauna and Flora in Xinjiang constantly. Thirdly, Urumqi office needs support from the procuratorial organs at the basic level when they go to local areas to supervise cases. Lastly, with the substantial increase of investment in infrastructure construction in Xinjiang in 2017, a large number of woodland may to be occupied, the two sides should give reminds to the authorities ahead in order to prevent the occurrence of illegal occupation of forestland.

Zhou Huiyong, deputy attorney general of People's Procuratorate of Xinjiang, noted that the People's Procuratorate of Xinjiang has attached great importance to environmental protection. The ecological security is the strategic main part of national security, the importance of ecological protection concept should not be ignored under current heavy task to maintaining stability of Xinjiang. Instead, environmental protection have always been as an important force and main power of protecting forest resources of Xinjiang and the patron saint of maintaining ecological safety of beautiful Xinjiang. Over the years, the Region's Procuratorate sued a large number of forest related illegal cases, there are more than 300 pieces of cases and over 500 people on the prosecution in 2016 only.

At the meeting, participants spoke out and discussed actively and tried to find out the problems the current law enforcement and cooperation of the two sides, put forward opinions and suggestions of building closer work relationship and strengthening the prevention and punishment on forest related crimes, identifying responsibility and recovering forest vegetation. The meeting reached the expected goal, and achieved fruitful results.
Zhou Leigang pointed out that People.cn Xinjiang branch and Xinjiang branch of the Chinese Communist Party) will play full role of mainstream media, and provide supervision service, and give support to the cooperation of ecological protection law enforcement between the two sides. 

The two sides reached ten points of consensus on further strengthening law enforcement cooperation. Firstly, two sides will make great efforts and achieve great achievements if share the same goal. Secondly, study the hot and difficult problems of law enforcement supervision. Thirdly, understand the situation, to implement in-depth the arrangement of the central and autonomous regions governments on ensuring the ecological security. Raise awareness on ecological protection, andpay more attention to the prevention of damage, vegetation restoration, and investigate cases according to law. Fourthly, take the responsibility, start from one’s own work, and increase the intensity of work. Fifthly, broaden horizons, not limited to the cooperation between forest unities and procuratorates on ecological protection, to make the flexible cooperation with the departments of public security, procuratorate, courts, forestry and environmental protection, land-use, water conservancy and grassland agencies that involved in the issues.Sixthly, implement the special and on-site system on the major influential forest-related cases. Seventhly, establish data platform, information sharing mechanism. Eighthly, strengthen the training and exchanges in relative fields. Ninthly, study on the issues regularly by establishing a quarterly meeting system. Lastly, sign cooperation agreement on strengthening law enforcement between the two sides.


Written by Urumqi Office of SFA

Edited by Zhou Xu, Sun Rui