GANSU, May 29, -- In Guanhe Village, Chongxin town, Gansu Province, stands a scholar tree which is presumably 3,200 years old.

thumb Forestry Public Security - 5.30 3200-year-old scholartree found in NW China

A schoclartree, presumably as old as 3,200 years, has become a unique scenic spot in northwestern Gansu Province.[Photo/]

Weathering more than 30 centuries, the tree which is flourishing with its wide branches and thick foliage has won considerable acclamation from both China and abroad.

According to folklore, the famous general Weichi Gong (585-658) in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) tied his horse under the tree and the legendary story adds an historic appeal to the tree.

The tree has been living in together with peppers, Chinese galls, wheat and corn and is named after its eight major branches as the Eight-Diagram-Tree.

Listed in the brochure of "The Spectacular Ancient Trees in Gansu" and "The List of Hundreds of Ancient Trees in China," the tree has been crowned as "the King of the Ancient Scholartrees." Surrounded by mountains and cliffs, the tree has become a fantastic scenic spot attracting multitudes of visitors to the local village.

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