Wetland, “the kidney of the Earth”, not only provides a variety of material products and cultural products, but also boasts other important ecological functions such as maintaining the water resources, purifying water quality, refraining from flood and drought, regulating the climate and maintaining biodiversity.

China is one of countries with the most abundant wetland resources in the world. Chinese government attaches great importance to the work of wetland conservation and wetland conservation in China has been developed rapidly since China’s joining Convention on Wetlands in 1992, with high praise from the international community. In particular, the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC put forward a clear requirement of "Expanding the wetland area", and then the party and state leaders have repeatedly made important instructions to take the most stringent measures to protect the wetland.

In recent years, China's wetland conservation has been innovative and brilliant: conservation projects have obtained remarkable results, the conservation systems tend to be perfect, reasonable utilization modes have been gradually formed, investigation observation and researches have been strengthened, legislation and regulations have been constructed steadily, international cooperative contracts have been effectively carried out and the publicity and education have obtained sound effect. China's wetland conservation has become a hotspot of natural ecological protection, a highlight of ecological civilization construction and a major breakthrough of ecological benefits.

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