Located at the west of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Xixi National Wetland Park is China's first national wetland park. XiXi’s wetland has roughly experienced three stages in terms of protection: scenic tourist area, wetland protection area and integrated wetland protection project (Xixi National Wetland Park).


Figure 1 Interior scenes of Xixi National Wetland Park. The park is located at the Jiangcun Town, west of Hangzhou City, and was opened on May 1, 2005.

Source: Xinhua News Agency   On April 24, 2005


Figure 2 Airscape of Xixi Wetlands

Source: Xinhua News Agency   On April 2, 2014

Xixi Wetland Park is the integration of protection and utilization, and gives full play to the use value of wetland resources, with three major functions of ecological protection, scientific research and ecological tourism. According to the continuous exploration and practice, the national wetland park model which is suitable for the sustainable development of the urban secondary wetland in the city of XiXi Wetland has been developed.

With strict implementation of the international conventions on wetland protection, and in combination with the actual situation of XiXi Wetland, the ecological environment, natural landscape and human landscape of XiXi Wetland are effectively protected, so that this common wealth of the mankind can be sustainably used.

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