• The National Committee for fulfulling Convention on Wetlands and Convention Office of the International Convention on Wetlands have been established to undertake and coordinate the specific work of implementing international convention. China has participated in Convention affairs, implemented Convention resolutions, abided by international commitment, enhanced management of wetlands of internaitonal importance and created a good image of responsible country.
  • Taking part in convention affairs


Figure 1 In memory celebration of the 20th anniversary seminar on China’s entering accession to the Convention on Wetlands, Mr. Annada, former Secretary General of Convention, indicated that Chinese government ranks the top in wetlands protection and plays an exemplary role among developing countries


Figure 2 On October 23, 2013, Zhao Shucong, Administrator of State Forestry Administration met Mr. Christophe Blix, the Secretary-General of Convention on Wetlands


Figure 3 Delegation of the Chinese government attended the 11th Conference of the Parties to Convention on Wetlands in Romania


Figure 4 Achievements of Chinese wetlands preservation displayed on previous meeting of the Conference of the Parties


Figure 5 Delegation of the State Forestry Administration attended Asia Regional Conference on Convention on Wetlands held in Cambodia in 2014

  • Establishing coordination organizations

China National Committee for the Implementation of the Convention on Wetlands approved by the State Council is composed of 16 departments including the State Forestry Administration, setting up cross-sectoral performance coordination mechanism.


Figure 6 The 5th Meeting of China National Committee for the Implementation of the Convention on Wetlands on February 10, 2012

  • Assigning Wetlands of International Importance

Chinese government has designated 46 Wetlands of International Importance, with area of about 2.3 million hectares since joining the Convention on Wetlands in 1992.



Figure 7 Distribution of China’s Wetlands of International Importance



Figure 8 The Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve (Shandong)


Figure 9 Dafeng Elaphurus davidianus National Nature Reserve, Jiangsu Province


Figure 10 Zoige Wetland National Nature Reserve

  • Strengthening the management of Wetlands of International Importance
  • Promulgating Early Warning Plan for the Change of Ecological Characteristics of Wetlands of International Importance (Trial).
  • Formulating Measures of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of Wetlands of International Importance.
  • Updating the data of Wetlands of International Importance.
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