• Wetland publicity

We held large events like World Wetlands Day, China Wetlands Cultural Festival, Beautiful China Wetlands, the 20th anniversary of Convention on Wetlands, Wetland Conservation and Development Forum, etc. We also established “Wetland China Network”, shot and made television and public service advertising, widely spreading wetland functions and values, popularizing the knowledge of wetlands, improving the social awareness of wetland protection, and creating a good environment for the protection of wetlands.


Figure 1 Opening Ceremony of the First China Wetlands Cultural Festival on November 2, 2009


Figure 2 CCTV Beautiful Chinese Charming Wetlands


Figure 3 Youth-targeted Publicity and Education


Figure 4 Publicity on World Wetlands Day

  • Wetland education and trainings

Create a wetland school to spread the knowledge of wetlands; hold all kinds of trainings to improve the management ability.


Figure 5 A wetland school


Figure 6 The Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and State Forestry Administration held the 2014 Seminar on Wetland Ecosystem Protection of Local Party and Government Leading Cadres


Figure 7 Early warning training course of the change of ecological characteristics of Wetlands of International Importance from August 11 to 13, 2014


Figure 8 Training course for wetland protection grant program management

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