A gene can affect the rise and fall of a country and a species can control the economic lifeline of a country. Wild animal and plant protection is not only related to the survival of a species but also affects the social and economic sustainable development, national gene and ecological safety and the human's long-term interests.

China is rich in biodiversity, with 6,266 species of vertebrates, 30 thousand species of higher plants, and about 510 million species of insects that have been described. In order to strengthen the protection and supervision, China has carried out powerful measures such as the rescue and breeding of endangered species, resource survey, the establishment of nature reserves and national parks, field patrol, promotion of resources cultivation, and strict wildlife import and export management, in a steady manner to obtain achievements, improve the quality and make progress on basis of the improvement of the laws and regulations. Thus, the protection area continues to expand, endangered species population rises stably, natural ecological system is increasingly optimized. All of these achievements attract the world's attention.