Since January 1, 2009, the revised Forest Fire Prevention Ordinance has been implemented. This is the first revision of Forest Fire Prevention Ordinance since its implementation over 20 years and has milestone significance in the development of China’s forest fire prevention.

The revised Ordinance has been carried out well with the people-oriented concept and principle of controlling fire according to rules, and forest fire prevention responsibility system, various management systems and measures have been further improved, forest fire prevention organizations set up and perfected and the forest fire prevention and fighting abilities raised. 

From 2009 to 2014, on average, there were 5,622 national annual forest fires, 30, 000 hectares affected forest area, and 83 casualties, which decreased by 57.1%, 95.7% and 85.29% respectively compared to1950-2008.

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Figure 1 On November 11, 2015, Aba detachment of Sichuan Armed Forest Police Corps, together with Forestry Bureau and Forest Public Security of Barkam County, was carrying out the integrated practical exercises of fire prevention and fight together. 

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Figure 2 In April 2015, Heilongjiang Provincial Forest Fire Prevention Headquarters organized a large scale Spring fire exercise in Dapingtai Fire Station of Red Star Forestry Bureau in Yichun City. The picture shows the fire extinguishing process of python style by all-terrain forest fire fighting vehicle.

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Figure 3 On October 21, 2015, Jiangxi Aviation Ranger Station made the first helicopter bucket sprinkling test at Poyang Lake National Ecological Nature Reserve in Shahu Mountain, Xingzi County. 

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Figure 4 In May, 2015, Huolinguole Fire Office of the Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region, together with Forest Police Squadron, carried out “Forest fire safety publicity and education on campus”. In the picture, an officer of the squadron was explaining forest fire prevention. 

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Figure 5 On July 20, 2015, forest fire emergency drills in Chongqing City was held at Lixiang Lake in Nanchuan District.The picture shows that UAV F50 was detecting fire.

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Figure 6 On July 20, 2015, forest fire emergency drills in Chongqing City was held at Lixiang Lake in Nanchuan District. The picture shows that an armored fire fighting vehicle was extinguishing fire.

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Figure 7 On November 16, 2015, policewomen of Aohan Banner Forest Public Security Bureau in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region walked to the street and distributed forest fire prevention leaflets to the public.

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