China’s natural forest reaches to 1.828 billion mu, with a forest volume of 12.296 billion cubic meters, which accounts for 83% total forest volume.

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Figure 1 Comic: Laid off Source: Xinhua News Agency

China has carried out Natural Forest Resources Conservation Program since 1998 in key state-owned forest areas such as the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the middle and upper reaches of the Yellow River and the northeast, and Inner Mongolia, and 917 million mu of natural forests have been included in the project, which accounts for 50.2% national natural forest. The project has achieved remarkable comprehensive benefits in ecology, economy and society since its implementation. The area of natural forest in project area increased 90 million mu, the forest volume rose by 1.109 billion cubic meters and 1.732 billion mu forests have been protected effectively, with obvious improvement of ecological function and water conservation function, decrease of soil erosion year by year and increase of wildlife populations. 650,000 forestry workers have been employed and the social security has been basically guaranteed. 

Since April 1, 2015, key state-owned forest areas in the northeast and Inner Mongolia stop commercial logging of natural forests completely, which marks key state-owned forest areas turn to a new stage of comprehensive protection and development from exploitation and utilization. 

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Figure 2 Natural Forest Protection Area Stele of Changfeng Village, Chadian Town, Longquanyi District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province