BEIJING, February 29, Xinhua -- Arborists have discovered 10 trees believed to be over 100 years old in a demolition site in east Beijing.

thumb Forestry Science  Education - 3.1 Ancient trees found in Beijing demolition site

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JILIN, January 21, Chinadaily -- When a villager in Shuguang in eastern Jilin province heard his dog barking the night of Jan 6, he asked himself, "Why she is barking?" so he went out to take a closer look with a light and something lying on the ground.

As Li Changsheng got closer, he exclaimed, "It's a leopard cub," since he's seen a similar animal up in the mountains, then quickly ran to the nearest shop to report the cat to the police.

When forestry officers came later, Li told them, "She seemed hungry and a bit terrified as more villagers showed up. Then she leapt over into Yu Zaishan's yard, curling herself into a ball, and looking around cautiously."


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BEIJING, January 19 -- The websites group of township level, following the websites construction on the international level, national level, provincial level, city level and county level successively, are finally on line on the website of State Forestry Administration of China. It shows the capability of grassroots level of forestry information service is further upgraded.

1.19 Township_level_websites_is_up_on_SFA_website

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BEIJING, January 15 -- On January 15, 2016, five new industry standards on forestry informatization have been approved in Beijing at the Forestry Standard Review Panel, which was held by the Science and Technology Department of State Forestry Administration of China (SFA). Till now, SFA has issued 34 industry standards of forestry informatization, and another 22 are under drafting.

1.18 5_new_industry_standards_on_forestry_informatization_approved

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SHANDONG, January 13, China daily -- Tens of thousands of whooper swans from Siberia paddle through the water, seemingly oblivious of onlookers, at Yandunjiao, which is in Rongchen city, Shandong province, January 9, 2016.

thumb Forestry Science and Education - 1.13 Yandunjiao in Shandong is an ideal habitat for whooper swans

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