SHANDONG, November 24, Xinhua -- Two gingko trees of over 1,300 years are planted inside the Taiping Temple in Jiaozhou City, east China's Shandong Province. 

Forestry Science_and_Education-11.24_Gingko_trees_of_over_1300_years_seen_in_E_China

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BEIJING, October 26, China Daily -- China is expecting the output of its environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry to reach 1 trillion yuan ($150 billion) by 2020, as the country presses ahead with its green development plans.

Forestry Science_and_Education-10.27_Green_moves_gain_fresh_impetus

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BEIJING, October 20 -- Starting from 2017, 50 Ecological Demonstration Sites will be established in 3 years, and Sand Pole in Huai Rou District is one of them.

Forestry Science_and_Education-10.20_Beijing_is_to_establish_50_Ecological_Demonstration_Area_in_3_years1

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INNER MONGOLIA, September 23, China Daily -- The Kubuqi Desert, the once-barren land in the Ordos Plateau, is turning into an oasis - after three decades of efforts in desertification control.

Forestry Science_and_Education-9.24_Unlocking_the_key_to_Kubuqis_success_in_eco-restoration1

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ORDOS, September 12 -- In order to make full use of "Internet plus" to promote nationwide voluntary tree-planting, a pilot site of "Internet plus" nationwide voluntary tree-planting was established by the State Forestry Administration of China in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, China.

FYG -_Forestry_Science_And_Education-9.12_Chinas_new_breakthrough_on_nationwide_voluntary_tree-planting

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