HECHI, GUANGXI, December 18 -- Twenty-eight-year-old, Tan Jiangyong once dreamed of becoming a world famous costume designer, however the fickle hands of fate have made him a world famous bike designer instead. Why are his bikes famous? They're all made of bamboo.

Born in Huanjiang Maonan autonomous county, Hechi, Tan's talent for design was noticed early, and by 2007 he was admitted to study at Shanghai Donghua University. 

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DONGGUAN, November 29, China Daily -- Dongguan has been elevating green development to a top priority, transferring its image from a world manufacturing base to an eco-friendly city.

Green development is the third of the Five Major Development Concepts put forward by President Xi Jinping, who has stressed that environmental protection cannot be sacrificed on the altar of economic growth.

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HENAN, November 23, China Daily -- The tourism sector of Nanyang is expected to further expand, as two scenic spots within the municipality were recently awarded 4-A ranking.

Henan Provincial Tourism Bureau released its 2016 list of 13 4-A scenic spots within the province, of which two in Nanyang—Sishan National Forest Park and Huiyuan Scenic Spot at Tongbai Mountain—were named.

Listed as a National Forest Park in early 1990s, Sishanpark is located beside the Guanhe River in Xixia County. Sishan's literal meaning is "mountain of the temple", was named after Jinsha Temple that lies at its foot. The park is also in close proximity to the over-1,000-meter-long Guanhe Bridge. 

thumb Forestry Industry - 11.24 Two new 4-A scenic spots listed in Nanyang1

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GUIZHOU, November 16, China daily -- For many people living in Hezhang County, the walnut is not only a tasty treat, it is also the gateway to prosperity.

The lucrative earnings from walnut farming have helped lift people out of poverty in the county in Southwest China’s Guizhou province – but it hasn’t always been that way.

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SHANGHAI, November 3, China Daily -- Better public transport links, more forest coverage and a new network of footpaths were among the measures included in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort's plan to transform the famous scenic spot into a green tourism destination.

thumb Forest industry - 11.4 Sheshan unveils green tourism plan1

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