ZHEJIANG, November 1 -- The 10th China Yiwu International Forest Products Fair opened on November 1, 2017 in China’s Zhejiang Province. Liu Dongsheng, Deputy Administrator of State Forestry Administration of China attended the ceremony and made a speech.

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BEIJING, October 12 -- During the past 5 years, forestry industry in China has made remarkable changes and achievements. Until now, the forest resources growth and forestry industry development have ranked the fastest in the world.

In 2016, the output value of primary forestry industry was 2760 billion yuan, increased by 75% since 2012, and the output values of secondary forestry industry and tertiary forestry industry have also increased by 53.5% and 133%, respectively, compared to that in 2012, indicating that the forestry industry structure becomes more reasonable.

By Xin Shuyu


GUANGDONG, October 12 -- On 30 September 2017, 38 towns in Guangdong Province were officially approved as provincial forest towns.


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SHANGHAI, September 25 -- 2017 China Forest Tourism Festival opened in Shanghai on September 25, 2017. Luo Fuhe, Vice Chairman of CPPCC National Committee attended the opening ceremony. Zhang Yongli, Deputy Administrator of State Forestry Administration of China also attended the ceremony and made a speech.

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KUNMING, August 6, China Daily -- A giant mushroom has been discovered in Southwest China's Yunnan province, authorities said Sunday.

The mushroom was found next in the Pu'er Sun-River National Park in Pu'er city. It has a circumference of 1.8 meters and weighs 8 kilograms, according to staff at the park.

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