SICHUAN, May 1 -- Sichuan Forestry Society for the first time announced two forest therapy routes, which are through Emei forests and Dujiangyan-Siguliang Mountain forests. According to the strategic plan, another 10 to 15 forest therapy corridors will be developed till 2022 in the province.

FYG-forest industry-5.1 Sichuan first announced two routes for forest therapy

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GUIZHOU, April 2, China daily -- Growing the traditional herb on trunks of oak trees has lifted more than a thousand people out of poverty.

It is still early spring in southwestern China's Guizhou province, but the forest in Zhegui village is already filled with vitality: oak trunks covered with orchid-like stalks, with branches swaying in the breeze.

"They're the tiepishihu (dendrobium officinale), a valuable Chinese herbal medicine," said Ruan Jian, deputy manager of Anlong Xicheng Xiushu Agriculture and Forestry. "Zhegui village has sufficient forest coverage, with proper altitude and climatic conditions, which is very suitable for growing imitation wild dendrobium."

forest industry-4.2_Villagers_plant_orchids_and_harvest_gold1

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BEIJING, February 22 -- China's top forestry authority has made plans to boost the forestry industry and set development goals.

Forestry Industry-2.22_China_unveils_development_plans_for_forestry_industry

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BEIJING, January 19, Xinhua -- China's forestry sector output reached 7.33 trillion yuan (about $1.1 trillion) in 2018, 2.88 percent up from than in 2017, according to the National Forestry and Grassland Administration.

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BEIJING, January 8, Chinadaily -- Pilot program shows that China's policymakers are eager to understand the links between the financial sector and low-carbon development

When the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change concluded in Katowice, Poland, on Dec 14, the world was awaiting signs of hope that the climate change challenge could be met. The encouraging 200-country deal notwithstanding, some reports show that not enough is being done to limit the global temperature increase to 2 degree centigrade, which experts consider necessary to prevent the worst effects of dangerous climate change. In addition, the Donald Trump administration in the United States has rejected climate science and wants to blow off the Paris Climate Agreement, threatening to undermine the international cooperation that is critical to addressing one of the 21st century's most urgent and complex global problems.

Other countries (and US subnational actors), however, have not given up. Policymakers, researchers, and advocacy organizations around the world are pressing forward with the design and implementation of new climate solutions. One of the most promising of which is green finance - the effort to ensure that public and private investments in financial assets are both profitable and environmentally friendly.

Forestry industry-1.8 Financing a greener future

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