BEIJING, July 15, Xinhua -- China's central government has contracted independent environmental inspectors for the first time to supervise local governments.

Four teams were dispatched to Inner Mongolia and Ningxia in the north, and Jiangxi and Guangxi in the south this week. Four more teams will set off soon for Heilongjiang, Henan, Jiangsu and Yunnan provinces, according to the government sources on Friday.

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BEIJING, July 2, Xinhua -- China's top legislature on Saturday adopted a revised law on wild animal protection, which outlaws production and purchase of food made from state-protected wild animals.

thumb Forest Public Security - 7.3 Amended law bans consuming state-protected wild animals

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CHINA, June 17, Xinhua -- A new paper, involving an international team of 3,000 researchers, reveals that China's environmental policies are making clear positive impacts.

thumb Forestry Public Security - 6.18 Chinas environmental policies making positive impact

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CHENDU, June 2, Xinhua -- Award-winning actress Michelle Yeoh is on the campaign trail for the planet. From Chengdu to Beijing, she is insisting we have the means to protect the environment and end poverty and hunger.

thumb Forestry Public Security - 6.3 Michelle Yeoh campaigns for Sustainable Development

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GANSU, May 29, -- In Guanhe Village, Chongxin town, Gansu Province, stands a scholar tree which is presumably 3,200 years old.

thumb Forestry Public Security - 5.30 3200-year-old scholartree found in NW China

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