CHENGDU, July 25, Xinhua -- A leopard has been caught on camera in a nature reserve that is a major habitat for giant pandas, the administration of the reserve in southwest China's Sichuan Province said Wednesday.

Forest public_security-7.25_Rare_leopard_seen_on_camera_in_giant_panda_habitat_SW_China

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GUIYANG, July 17 -- China’s wetland area reaches to 0.54 billion hectares, ranking first in Asia and fourth in the world, which was released on the session of wetland restoration and ecological security worldwide at the Eco Forum Global Annual Conference Guiyang 2018.

FYG-Forest public_security-7.17_Chinas_wetland_area_ranks_fourth_in_the_world

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SINGAPORE, July 5, Xinhua -- A rare albino white-collared kingfisher fledgling in Singapore was found on July 5, 2018.

Forest Public_Security-7.5_Rare_albino_white-collared_kingfisher_spotted_in_Singapore

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CHENGDU, June 19, Xinhua -- The opening ceremony of a laboratory for rare animals in the Giant Panda National Park was held at the Dujiangyan base of China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda on Tuesday, marking China's latest effort to protect rare animals.

Forest Public_security-6.19_New_lab_opened_to_protect_rare_animals_in_Giant_Panda_National_Park

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GANSU, June 7 -- Gansu aims to classify the overlapping land use tenure between mining enterprises and protective areas at different levels and kinds within 3 years, including National Parks, nature reserves, scenic regions and watershed protective area, and take proper measures to suspend the mineral resources exploration and exploitation on the protective area.

FYG-Forest public_security-6.7_Protection_for_protective_areas_in_Gansu_further_upgraded

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