CHINA, March 4, China daily -- China has pledged to enhance its protection of wildlife species in the next five years, especially those endangered by threats of poaching and fragmented habitat, including the giant panda, African elephant and Siberian tiger.

"Protection of wildlife specifies will be included in the 13th Five-Year-Plan (2016-20)," Meng Xianlin, director of the Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora Import and Export Management Office, said on Thursday, World Wildlife Day.

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XI'AN, February 28, Xinhua -- Rare brown panda Qi Zai has faced temperatures of minus 30 degrees Celsius in the remote Qinling Mountains of west China this winter, but has come through unscathed, according to staff with a "training base" toughening him up for release into the wild.

thumb Forestry Public Security - 2.29 Unique brown panda survives winter

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NAIROBI, February 26, Xinhua -- A Kenyan wildlife conservationist on Friday hailed China's leadership in ending the poaching of Africa's elephants for their ivory.

thumb Forestry public security- 2.28 China praised for role in reducing poaching of elephants

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KUNMING, February 22, Xinhua -- Three purple swamphens have been spotted at the Puzhehei wetland in Qiubei County in southwest China's Yunnan Province, according to the local forestry bureau on Monday.

With blue and purple plumage, a red beak and yellow feet, the purple swamphen is considered by many to be the most beautiful water bird in the world.

"This is the first sighting of the purple swamphen at Puzhehei," said Ji Jun from Qiubei Forestry Bureau. "Though widely distributed throughout the world, they have only been found in a few areas in China's southwest Yunnan Province and southeast Fujian Province."

The Puzhehei wetland has seen its bird population grow under a 20-million-yuan (three million U.S. dollars) investment from Qiubei County Government to protect the environment.

The area has more than 140 bird species, accounting for 10 percent of the country's total bird species.

JIUJIANG, February 19, Xinhua -- Poyang Lake is Asia's largest wintering habitat for migratory birds. Hundreds of thousands of birds winter here every year. (Xinhua/Yang Fan)

thumb Forestry Public Security - 2.20 Gray cranes seen at wetland nearby Poyang Lake in E China

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