CHINA,Mar.2,China Daily - China will continue its efforts to protect giant pandas by expanding nature reserves and forbidding all kinds of construction and development in their habitats and surrounding areas.

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The wild panda population is fragmented into 33 isolated populations.[JIN SILIU/CHINA DAILY]

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BEIJING, Mar.1 - 2015 Campaign on World Wildlife Day was organized by State Forestry Administration in Beijing on March 1, 2015. The theme of this campaign is “Protecting wild fauna and flora,building a beautiful homeland”, which aims to make protecting wild fauna and flora as new normal, and lead more and more people participate into the protection work.

Highlight3.2 Campaign_on_World_Wildlife_Day_held_by_State_Forestry_Administration2015 Campaign on World Wildlife Day was held at elephant square of Beijing zoo.

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NAIROBI, Feb. 27, Xinhua - Kenya's wildlife agency has teamed up with conservation organizations to hold a week-long festival starting this Saturday to raise awareness of wildlife protection among the public and celebrate the country's wealth and natural heritage in wildlife.

First of its kind, the Kenya Wildlife Festival, hosted by Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), will be held from Feb. 28 to March 3 -- the World Wildlife Day.

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HEILONGJIANG, Feb.28 – Two groups, totaled 32 wild great bustards were found in Mingshui National Nature Reserve in Heilongjiang Province by a staff who was in his daily petrol. This marks the biggest wild great bustard populations the nature reserve has found in recent years. Great bustard, one of the biggest flying birds, is listed as first class protected wildlife in China.

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Two groups, totaled 32 wild great bustards were found in Mingshui National Nature Reserve in Heilongjiang Province.

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BEIJING, Feb.27, Chinadaily - Chinese authorities on Thursday announced a one-year ban on imports of African ivory carvings acquired after the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) took effect in 1975.

In a brief statement on its website, the State Forestry Administration said it would halt administrative approval for the imports until Feb 26, 2016.

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