INNER MOGOLIA, August 13, China daily --The Kubuqi Desert in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region is a paradise of sand, lakes, grasslands and oases, making it a unique summer destination for tourists.
It is the nearest desert to Beijing and the seventh-largest in China.

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HUBEI, August 12, China daily -- Central China's Hubei province plans to invest a total of 1.3 trillion yuan (US$203 billion) in 91 major projects in an effort to pursue green development and sustainable development, the province's Party secretary said.

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BEIJING, August 7, China daily -- China has unveiled a plan to protect and restore the country's forests, with the aim of reaching a total area of 200 million hectares by 2035.

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TIBET, August 8, China daily -- Standing 57 meters tall, an estimated 3,200-year-old giant cypress in the Tibet autonomous region has been recognized as the world’s oldest living Yarlung Zangpo River cypress by the World Record Certification Agency.

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BEIJING, July 31 -- According to the National Working Meeting on Grass held recently, China would promote to establish Grassland National Park. As to strengthen the policy framework of grassland management, currently, two plans respectively on grassland protection and rehabilitation, as well as reform on compensation use of national grass resources are under drafting.

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