SICHUAN, March 12, China Daily -- Baobao was born at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington in 2013, and returned to China on Feb 22. It is adapting to her new environment and food, according to the base.

thumb Giant Panda-3.13 Baobao adapts to new environment food in Sichuan

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SICHUAN, February 23, China Daily --- Bao Bao, the US-born panda cub returned to China, has quickly adapted to her new home in Sichuan province, despite a flight of nearly 17 hours from the United States. 

"She isn't nervous and feasts on bamboo normally," said Zhang Hemin, chief of the China Conservation and Research Center in Sichuan. 

The FedEx aircraft transporting Bao Bao arrived in the Chengdu airport in Sichuan at 6:59 pm on Wednesday. After quarantine and customs formalities, she arrived at the Dujiangyan base of Zhang's center at 10:30 pm. 

Bao Bao ate, drank and slept normally during the smooth flight. 

thumb Giant panda- 2.24 Bao Bao adjusting to new home back at China center

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CHINA, February 14 -- The artificial breeding of giant panda has made a new breakthrough in China in 2016. Till now, the number of artificial breeding giant panda reached 464. 

thumb FYG-Giant Panda- 2.14 Artificial breeding population of giant pandas reaches 464

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MACAO, January 27, China Daily -- Seven-month-old panda cubs Jianjian and Kangkang meet the press on Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve in Macao, Jan 27, 2017. Jianjian weighs about 13 kg while Kangkang is a little lighter, at about 12 kg. They will meet the public during Spring Festival. 

thumb Giant Panda-1.28 Panda cubs to meet public in Macao during Spring Festival

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CHONGQING, January 23, China Daily -- Giant panda twin cubs Dashuang and Xiaoshuang are seen at the Chongqing zoo in Chongqing, Southwest China, Jan 22, 2017.

Giant Panda-1.24_Giant_panda_twin_cubs_meet_public_in_Chongqing

The twin cubs, born in July of 2016, met the public here on Sunday.[Photo/VCG]

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