GUANGDONG, July 26, Xinhua -- Long Long, the first giant panda which was born in Guangdong in 2013, gave birth to a male giant cub on July 12 at the Chimelong Safari Park.

Giant Panda-7.27_11-day-old_giant_panda_cub_in_Guangzhou_south_China

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GUANGDONG, July 17, China daily -- Chimelong Safari Park holds a grand birthday party for three giant pandas, who are 2 years old, in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.

Giant Panda-7.17_Cute_birthday_celebrations_for_animals

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CHENGDU, July 2, Xinhua -- Male-female panda twins were born in China's Sichuan Province Monday morning.

Giant Panda-7.3_Male-female_panda_twins_born_in_Chengdu_breeding_base

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MACAO, June 26, Xinhua -- A female panda Xinxin gave birth to the pair of male twin cubs on June 26, 2016. 

Giant Panda-6.26_Twin_panda_brothers_celebrate_2nd_birthday_in_Macao

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SICHUAN, June 9, China daily -- Giant panda, as a flagship species of biodiversity conservation in the world, is a unique ecological protection and cultural symbol with the highest international recognition of China, and is also a friendly envoy for foreign exchange and international cooperation of China. As the only megalopolis having captive and wild giant panda resources in the world, Chengdu owns unique and rich wildlife resources. It also has the international top-ranking scientific research team for the protection of giant pandas. Chengdu is known as the city of pandas, and its superior location has allowed it to establish the number one brand of scientific research, conservation education, and educational tourism on protection of giant pandas within the global range.

giant Panda-6.9_Announcement_of_the_International_Consultation_on_the_Overall_Positioning_and_Conceptual_Masterplan_of_the_Land_of_Giant_Pandas

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