INNER MOGOLIA, September 22 -- Financial support for under-forest economy will be strengthened in Inner Mongolia. The policies on forestry discount loans, poverty alleviation loans, small-sum guaranteed loans for under-forest economic projects in the area, could gradually well solve the problems for forestry development, such as long-cycle management, difficulty in obtaining loans and less effectiveness.

Forestry Industry_-_9.22_Financial_support_for_under-forest_economy_strengthened_in_Inner_Mongolia

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CHANGCHUN, September 22 -- The 2nd China (Changchun) Forest Food Trade Expo opened on September 18, 2015. Experts from the Expo said that China’s output of woody oil will see a great increase in 3-5 years in the future.

Forestry Industry_-_9.22_Chinas_output_of_woody_oil_will_increase


By Xin Shuyu

HEILONGJIANG, August 27, Chinadaily -- The end of logging operations in State-owned forests has resulted in thousands of workers losing their livelihoods and forced local governments to restructure their economies. He Na reports from Yichun, Heilongjiang province.

Xu Huiqing has spent her entire life surrounded by the woodland around Yichun, China's "forest capital", in Heilongjiang province. She was born on a forest farm, worked as a forest ranger for three decades, and her nearest family members all worked in related industries.

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GUANGXI, August 26, Chinadaily -- The Fengshan county in Hechi, Guangxi, will hold the first walnut festival from Sept 1 to 10, according to the preparatory committee.

The walnut festival aims to further enhance the popularity of Fengshan's walnuts and promote the county's eco-culture tourism brand.

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ZHEJIANG, August 19, Xinhua -- As the harvest season of lotus comes, farmers here are busy with picking lotus flowers and seeds.


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