GUANGZHOU, February 16 -- The 22th Guangzhou Garden EXPO opens from February 4 to March 5 in 2016, which will last for 31 days.

FYG -_Forestry_Industry_-_2.16_The_22th_Guangzhou_garden_EXPO_opens_till_March_5_2016

The 22th Guangzhou Garden EXPO opens on February 4, 2016.

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BEIJING, January 23, Xinhua -- The highest temperature in Beijing dropped to minus 10 degrees Celsius on Friday and will hit a 30-year low record of minus 17 degrees Celsius from Saturday through Sunday, the Beijing meteorological station said. The zoo protected its animals from the cold wave in various ways.

Zoo protects_animals_from_cold_wave_in_Beijing

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YUNNAN, January 12 -- According to the Forestry Department of Yunnan Province, the walnut plantation area has reached 42.3 million mu (2.82 million ha) in 2015, with an output volume of 850,000 tons and a value of 26.6 billion Yuan. Yunnan becomes the biggest walnut plantation area in China.

thumb FYG Forestry Industry - 1.13 Yunnan ranks Chinas biggest walnut plantation area

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YUNNAN, December 29 -- International Camellia Congress is the highest standard camellia congress in the world, which is held once every two years. International Camellia Congress 2016 will be held during February 18 - March 2, 2016 in Dali City of Yunnan Province in China.

FYG-Forestry Industry_12.29_International_Camellia_Congress_2016_to_be_held_in_February_in_Dali_1

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QINGDAO, December 9, Chinadaily -- Qingdao will get a reconstruction of a Chinese trade pavilion that made waves in Milan, Deng Zhangyu reports.

Forestry Industry_-_12.10_Much_ado_about_bamboo

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