XINING, March 29, 2006 – Qinghai province will implement, during the 11th five-year plan, a regional forestry strategy, which features “afforestation in the eastern part, treatment in the western part, closure to human activities in the southern part and cultivation in the northern part”. The strategy is aimed at promoting fast development of forestry in the province.

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Year of project approval: 2007

Project title: Studies on Science and Technology Distribution for Regional Forestry and Countermeasures

Undertaking unit: Research Institute of Forestry Policy and Information under the Chinese Academy of Forestr

Person in charge: Li Zhiyong

Time: 2007-2008

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BEIJING, September 11 – The 2006 joint meeting, attended by directors of the forestry bureaus of five provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in northern China, was held on September 8. At the meeting, Lei Jiafu, deputy director-general of the State Forestry Administration, said the forestry authorities will give more guidance to the development of regional forestry.

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NANNING, Aug.2, Xinhua - Xiang Dongyun is researching and conducting surveys into the damage caused by super typhoon Rammasun, the strongest to hit south China in four decades.

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CHENGDU, December19, Xinhua -- A Chinese company that makes toilet paper, napkins and facial tissue has plans to make products from an unexpected raw material: panda poop.

Biomass Energy_-12.20_Paper_company_turns_panda_poop_into_household_products

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