The Jinbian Creek at the heart of the nature reserve represents the best of Zhangjiajie with perpendicular peaks, a murmuring creek and a serene forest.

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SICHUAN, SHAANXI, GANSU, September 20, China Daily -- A pilot scheme to build an administration of giant panda national park has been approved. The scheme will form a cross-provincial national park that would unite more than 80 fragmented habitats scattered in Southwest China's Sichuan province, Northwest China's Shaanxi province and Gansu province, with an area of 27,134 square kilometers.

Regional Forestry-9.22_China_to_build_cross-provincial_national_park_for_giant_panda

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URUMQI, April 24 -- In order to strengthen the management of wildlife import and export and improve the efficiency of certificate approval, according to the requirements of china CITES office, since the beginning of this year, Urumqi office(CITES branch) has fully initiated a new management system of wildlife import and export and carried out the Imp.& Expo. administrative licensing of wildlife, including the online application, acceptance and approvals of CITES certificates, certificates for wild fauna and flora, and certificates for non-regulated species listed in the HS commodity appendix of the Imp.& Expo. on wild fauna and flora. Based on the statistics, Urumqi office has issued 59 certificates of the Imp.& Expo. In this year there have been 5 companies related to wildlife import and export registered online and recorded by new management system.

URUMQI, April 10 -- Recent days in the warming spring, Zhang Dongsheng, deputy director of Urumqi Office, drove to the Nanshan Branch of Eastern Tianshan Mountains State-owned Forest Management Bureau and took a visit to his “relatives” Saimaiti, who works as a forest ranger and just got into the “one to one helping group” and became “relatives” of Zhang. When Saimaiti saw his new brother Zhang, he felt very happy and put some Baoersake( donuts) and milk-teas on the table( which are frequently ready for respect quests) and invited Zhang to sit on the Kang (a heatable brick bed). In the conventional greetings with Saimaiti, Zhang was very pleased when he knew that Saimaiti is an excellent forest ranger. Saimaiti has three children, among them, one is a graduate student of Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics and another one is a student of Xinjiang Forestry Polytechnic School. The couple expressed their gratitude to the Government and “relatives” like Zhang. 

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URUMQI, March 27 -- The speeding up of pace of the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt , brings opportunities to the development of Xinjiang. But with increasing of neighboring countries trade and personnel exchanges,  pressure and challenges are brought to the implementation of CITES and management of wildlife import and export of Xinjiang. 

Xinjiang not only owns the most abundant wildlife resources in China, but also is the most important import and export channel of wildlife. According to statistics, there are 103 species of protected wild animals and 20 species of protected wild plants , among which,  117 species are included in CITES appendix species, and 3 species are autonomous level protect animals. There are 44 nature reserves, of which 11 National Nature Reserves lie in Xinjiang. Xinjiang has 5600 km border lines with 8 neighbor countries, i.e., Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and so on, and has numerous and scattered ports, in which yearly and seasonal open ports are 31.  

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