SHIJIAZHUANG, June 12, Xinhua -- A regulation on environmental protection of the upstream of the Baiyangdian Lake in Xiong’an New Area, north China's Hebei Province, will be issued and put into effect on July 1, the Baoding city government said Wednesday.

 key program-6.12_Regulation_on_lake_environment_protection_in_Xiongan_New_Area_to_be_issued

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SHAAXI, June 10, Xinhua -- Forest coverage rate in Yulin, which suffered from serious soil erosion and desertification, has reached 33 percent thanks to its afforestation efforts over the past 60 years with a result of about 93.24 percent of the desertified land being put under control. The city will plant 690,000 mu (about 46,000 hectares) of trees in 2019.

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BEIJING, June 14 -- As the promoting of reforestation projects in Beijing, five major wind-sand damage areas turn to green. By the end of 2018, the forest cover in the city reached to 43.5%.

FYG-key program-6.14_Beijings_five_major_wind-sand_damage_areas_turns_to_green1

FYG-key program-6.14_Beijings_five_major_wind-sand_damage_areas_turns_to_green_2

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HEILONGJIANG, June 3, China daily -- The government of the Greater Hinggan Mountains prefecture, in Heilongjiang province, recently held an event in Beijing to promote its summer tourism attractions.

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BEIJING, June 6 -- Since the Million-forest Plan was a programme implemented by China Green Foundation, UNEP and Climate Group in 2009. For ten years, more than 0.1 million hectares have been planted with 110 million trees, the number of public participation was over 1 million, which has been one of the best practices of non-governmental organizations’ participation in ecological governance.

FYG-program _key__6.6_Chinas_Millionforest_Plan_Made_Great_Achievements

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