HEILONGJIANG, June 3, China daily -- The government of the Greater Hinggan Mountains prefecture, in Heilongjiang province, recently held an event in Beijing to promote its summer tourism attractions.

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BEIJING, June 6 -- Since the Million-forest Plan was a programme implemented by China Green Foundation, UNEP and Climate Group in 2009. For ten years, more than 0.1 million hectares have been planted with 110 million trees, the number of public participation was over 1 million, which has been one of the best practices of non-governmental organizations’ participation in ecological governance.

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NINGXIA, May 29 -- Great efforts and accomplishments on returning farmland to forests to getting ecological benefits have been made in China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

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BEIJING, May 7, Xinhua -- Beijing has started to build Asia's biggest reclaimed water wetland park in its southeastern part, Tuesday's People's Daily reported.

The wetland park, with a total area of 638,000 square meters, will use reclaimed water from a nearby wastewater processing plant as the sole water source, said the newspaper report.

It may take in the maximum 500,000 tonnes of reclaimed water every day after being completed, the report said.

A large part of the reclaimed water processed in the plant was directly discharged into the Tonghui River that flew through this region, said Wang Jiawei, a senior employee from Beijing Drainage Group Co., Ltd.

With the park, the reclaimed water will flow into the wetland through underground pipes before joining the river and helping improve the surrounding environment, Wang said.

The park will be completed by the end of this year, with the green area accounting for 60.8 percent and the water body taking up 25 percent of the total area.

HUBEI, May 1 -- Over 0.31 million hectares of wetland has been well protected within past 5 years in China’s Hubei Province, with more than 62666.6 hectares a year. The accomplishment mainly owns to the improved policy framework in the province, strengthening of capacity building and ecological system management.

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