Shaanxi Changqing Forestry Bureau was a forest industry enterprise focusing on road building, timber felling and tree breeding. After more than 20 years' effort since 1993 when the logging ban was started, Changqing people changed their roles from felling workers to giant panda protectors. With the sustainable development concept of "Ever green mountains for sustainable use", the Bureau gradually formed a management system integrating resource protection, scientific observation, public education, ecological tourism with international cooperation, created effective protection management mode coordinating with neighboring communities, and ranked among 51 national demonstrative nature reserves approved by State Forestry Administration.

Changqing Nature Reserve Management Bureau was selected and listed into the Green Directory of the World's Best Management Reserves in November 2014 according to the evaluation criteria of four aspects such as "detailed planning, fair governance, effective management and obvious impact" as well as over 100 specific evaluation indicators.


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With obvious advantages of natural resources and prominent ecological status, Pingwu County of Sichuan province is rich in biodiversity and boasts the good reputation of the World's First Panda County. According to the third national survey of giant pandas by State Forestry Administration, Pingwu county has more than 230 wild pandas, accounting for about 20% of wild pandas in China, which is the highest county among others in China.


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Cycas Debaoensis Returing to Nature Project launched by State Forestry Administration in 2007 in Shenzhen has been successfully completed, and Cycas Debaoensis grow healthily in the returning land and completes the whole reproductive process, successfully breeding the next generation. The first project of rare and endangered species of wild plants dominated by Chinese government departments obtained a success.


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