FUXIN, Liaoning, August 22 – The Research Institute of Forestry under the Chinese Academy of Forestry organized a national training program on the cultivation and planting of fine sea buckthorns to promote sustainable and healthy development of the regional sea buckthorn industry in Fuxin, Liaoning province. More than 60 people, including experts from research institutes from Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang Uygur autonomous regions, Fuxin forestry department and planting farmers, attended the training session.

Experts from the Research Institute of Forestry briefed the attendees on the latest development of sea buckthorn cultivation and planting at home and abroad, and their lectures focused on the selection, cultivation and planting technologies of hybrid fine sea buckthorns, and they also answered questions from the farmers. Experts from the Fuxin forestry bureau exchanged views with attendees on the history and latest achievements in the cultivation and planting of fine sea buckthorns, and offered instructions for key techniques in culturing and management of seedlings.

After the training session, the participants visited the seedlings farm of ecological sea buckthorns, and exchanged views on the development of forestry resources and sea buckthorns with experts and local leaders.
This training session will help disseminate knowledge on the cultivation and planting of fine ecological sea buckthorns, and will help promote the harmonious development of local economies and ecological environment in the regions where sea buckthorns are planted.

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