Standardization is to develop provisions that can be commonly and repeatedly used for actual or potential problems in order to obtain the best order within a certain scope. Currently, the economic globalization is accelerated. Particularly since China\’s accession to the WTO, the unified rules for international trade have to be followed. With the gradual elimination of the tariff and custom quota, standards as the technical basis for economic development play an increasing role in economy and trade. Many countries are trying to set some technical barriers by using technical standards to protect their own industries and products. Facing with these changes in international situation, China has put the “standards strategy”, as one of the three strategies (personnel, patent and standards) for science and technology development, at an import position.

Standardization in forestry sector is a basic work for forestry operation and ecological development. Currently, China’s forestry has entered a critical transitional period from timber production to ecological protection. With full implementation of the 6 major forestry programs, China’s forestry has been on a track heading for rapid development with driving force from the major forestry programs. The work on standardization in forestry sector will promote forestry development in the form of implementation of major forestry programs. Forestry standards guarantee the technical requirements of “quality first” and proved the basis for quality monitoring and benefit assessment, playing an essential role in ensuring the quality and benefit of ecological protection programs. The standardization will further promote the internationalization of China’s standards of forest products, and promote the structural adjustment and technical upgrading of China’s traditional forestry industries, hence to improve the competence of forestry industries. Currently, the standardization program mainly includes projects of standards development and projects of demonstration of forestry standards.  

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