Since the foundation of new China, forestry has been rapidly developed and made a large number of achievements, the integrative capacity of forestry science and technology has been significantly strengthened and provided strong scientific and technological support to forestry development and ecological protection, especially the implementation of forestry leap development strategy led by the 6 major forestry programs of the SFA. According to incomplete statistics, since the foundation of new China, the number of forestry science and technology achievements certified by provincial level and above agencies has reached 5,938, of which 216 achievements won the national science and technology progress award, 37 achievements won national invention award, 3 achievements won national natural science award. Particularly, the achievements of the project “Forestry strategic study for China’s sustainable development” carried out during 2002-2004 has provided important evidences for the central government to formulate the “Decision on accelerating forestry development”, making clear about the direction for China’s forestry development in the new age, truly playing a role in providing support to governmental decision making .