The program of extension of forestry research results is aimed at extended applications of selected advanced, mature and suitable technologies in forestry operations through a variety of ways such as establishing demonstration forests and providing technical training conducted by forestry technology extension stations, forestry research academies (institutes), education institutions and forestry operation agencies, in order to meet the urgent needs for new varieties new technologies by the 6 major forestry programs, and to promote advancement in forestry science and technology and to improve technical standards of forestry operations through demonstrations and dissemination.

With deepening forestry ecological development, increasing demand for new technologies by forestry operations, the government pays increasing attention to the extension of improved species/varieties and new technologies, and the funding for technology extension has increased from a few million of RMB in the 1980s to tens of millions presently. During the period from 2000-2004, a total of 291 extension projects have been carried out with a total fund of RMB 98.77 million.

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