Forestry technology promotion program is a key science and technology program of the State Forestry Administration that promotes the transfer of research results into productivity, the advancement of forestry technologies in order to form an economy of scale. The program is implemented for enforcement of the strategies of “Developing forestry through science and technology” and sustainable development. The goal of the program is to apply a large number of advanced, mature and suitable scientific and technological achievements in operational forestry practices in large scale in a way of well organized and planned by establishing experimental and demonstration forests and providing technical trainings, mobilizing forestry researchers, forestry operation institutions and social forces, in order to improve the quality of forestry programs and promote the adjustment of rural economic structure and improvement of forestry technical standards, according to the urgent needs for key technologies by the 6 major forestry program. The forestry technology promotion program includes extension of research results in forestry science and technology and science and technology support to the major forestry programs.