The national high technology research and development program (shortcut “863” program) mainly support studies in high technologies that are strategic, cutting edge and prospective, and related to long term development and security of the country, in order to develop high technologies with own intellectual property rights, and to develop growth point of high-tech industries. The “863” program is focused on 26 themes and a number of major special projects in high-tech fields of information technology, biotechnology and modern agricultural technology. Thematic expert groups were set up and responsible for project approval, organization of implementation and project management in respective thematic fields, following the “Management rules for the national high-tech research and development program (863 program)” and the “Financial management rules for the national high-tech research and development program”. Researches related to forestry high-tech have been included in the relevant themes of the fields of “biological and agricultural technologies”, “information technology” and major special programs of the“863” program. The State Forestry Administration has chaired 17 projects and participated in more 10 projects.