Arbor Day in China

Beijing to plant one million trees voluntarily in 2019

BEIJING, March 6 -- Beijing plans to plant one million trees and tend 11 million trees in 2019, said Office of Beijing Capital Greening Commission.

Arbor day

The office will open an official account of “Capital citizens’ voluntary tree planting” on WeChat, a popular social media, this year.

The WeChat account will tell the public the sites of voluntary tree planting, the size of tree planting sites, the sites’ reception capacity, routes to the sites. The citizens could make an appointment before planting.

The office made construction of “Internet + the public’s voluntary tree planting base” in Beijing’s Tongzhou District and Chaoyang District in 2018.

It aims to facilitate the public fulfilling their voluntary tree planting responsibility without having to go far.

This year, the office will build five or six more such bases in Beijing, where citizens could plant and tend trees.

What’s more, the public could generate their certificates of fulfilling tree planting responsibility on the Internet.