Dynamic resource management and control is a technological innovation in resource management of Changqing Nature Reserve, which mainly uses the infrared camera to set up monitoring sites on major roads and ravines according to “two in openness and one in secret” method, to capture the image data of illegal entry personnel. The camera data will be collected in time, and then summarized and analyzed, to grasp information and dynamic activities rules of illegal entry personnel, and quickly and effectively crack down on illegal entry acts, so as to achieve a precise law enforcement that is based on the evidence, and change static management and protection into dynamic management and protection, improving the effectiveness of resource management and protection work.

Through the management and control of dynamic resources, the Nature Reserve has broken through the bottleneck of the traditional resource management and protection technology, and mastered the types of human interference and rules of their activity, defined key monitoring areas and key control population in community, thus illegal entry into the area has been significantly reduced, so that endangered species such as Ailuropoda melanoleuca in the reserve are scientifically and effectively protected. (Department of Wildlife Conservation and Nature Reserve Management, State Forestry Administration)