Thuja sutchuenensis Franch is a tree species in the cypress family Cupressaceae. In the Red List of the World's Threatened Plants published by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) in 1998, Thuja sutchuenensis Franch was listed as one of three plant species that have been extinct in China.

In the first national survey of wild plant resources in October 1999, the wild populations of the “disappeared” Thuja sutchuenensis Franch was found in Chengkou County, and the trees with cones were sampled. In 2000, the 3rd issue of Plants announced to the world that “Thuja sutchuenensis Franch is not extinct.”

The Management Bureau of the Daba Mountain National Nature Reserve, Chongqing, has been working on the rescue and breeding technology of the Thuja sutchuenensis Franch for many years, and great progress has been made in the rapid propagation and cuttage technology of Thuja sutchuenensis Franch, which has laid a good foundation for the conservation and protection of this extremely endangered species in the world.

The Bureau has Carried out surveys on Thuja sutchuenensis Franch resources, strengthened the in-situ conservation of Thuja sutchuenensis Franch, conducted breeding experiment on sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction simultaneously, and expanded Thuja sutchuenensis Franch breeding, which has prepared plenty of seedlings for Thuja sutchuenensis Franch transplanting and field planting.(Department of Wildlife Conservation and Nature Reserve Management, State Forestry Administration)


Field investigation of Thuja sutchuenensis Franch


Runoff monitoring of Thuja sutchuenensis Franch


Seed breeding of Thuja sutchuenensis Franch


Cuttage Propagation of Thuja sutchuenensis Franch