Craigia yunnanensis is a second-class national key protected wild plant. Since 2014, Kunming Institute of Botany has bred more than 1,000 Craigia yunnanensis seedlings of 7 major populations in the germplasm resources garden of Kunming Botanical Garden, and set up more than 30 strains of “Protected Craigia yunnanensis Populations” in the special garden for wild plants of minimal populations, some of which have begun to blossom and bear fruit since 2017. A total of 210 strains of in-situ protected populations were constructed jointly with Management Bureau of Gulinqing Provincial Nature Reserve in Maguan County, Yunnan Province. The experiment of Craigia yunnanensis ex-situ conservation was carried out in Cao Jianzhi hill, Yunlong County, Dali Prefecture. More than 150 strains of Craigia yunnanensis seedlings were distributed to local peasant households at Jiangdong Forestry Station in cooperation with Dehong Prefecture Forestry Central Nursery, those farmers selectively planted the seedlings in idle land in the village as landscape trees for cultivation and preservation. In addition, breakthroughs have been made in Craigia yunnanensis efficient tissue culture and breeding technology, which will be used for vitro preservation and propagation of its germplasm. (Department of Wildlife Conservation and Nature Reserve Management, State Forestry Administration)






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