GUANGZHOU, March 21, China Daily -- Guangzhou is to make great efforts to green the city, adding six forest parks, three wetland parks, eight forest towns, and afforesting a total of 181 villages, increasing its forest coverage to 42.28 percent in 2017.

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Guang Dong Province(China Daily)

The city has high aims for its green development this year, targeting greener banks along the Pearl River, adding trees, grass and flowers along Linjiang Avenue, on Ersha Island, and along tramcar routes. In addition, a running track along the Pearl River will open this year.

Residents and tourists can admire flowers in six spots, including the university town in Panyu district and Huadu Lake Park with 100,000 trees set to be planted in Guangzhou in more than 40 places.

A total of six forest parks are also on the agenda for the city, scattered across six districts.

Guangzhou retained its first place ranking among other cities in Guangdong province for its forest protection and development in 2016, according to the latest announcement from the Administration of Forestry and Gardening of Guangzhou Municipality.

Presently, Guangzhou's forest coverage is 42.14 percent, with 16.68 million cubic meters of forest, 18 wetland parks, 83 forest parks, 246 urban parks, 3,200 kilometers of greenways, and a 507-km scenic forest belt.

The city has achieved a balanced development of greening layout, winning the China Habitat Environment Prize in 2016.