Set checkerboard or sand barriers to fix quicksand with crop straws, weeds and shrubs on shifting sand dunes, and planted trees and grassed in the checkerboard.


Figure 1 Straw checkerboard barriers; Photograph: Li Chunying


Figure 2 Closely-shot straw checkerboard barriers; Photograph: Li Chunying

Technology demonstration area, located in Naiman County, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is an agro-pastoral ecotone of agriculture and animal husbandry. Here, the land desertification is very serious, which seriously restricts the economic development and the improvement of the livelihood of farmers and herdsmen. Desertification is the first problem for the local economic and social development.

Straw checkerboard barriers can fix quicksand, restore vegetation, and improve the ecological environment. For three years after setting the barriers, the sand barrier materials will decay to form fertilizers, and vegetation in the checkerboard will be formed, with obvious effect of sand fixation.

Naiman County has used this technology to effectively control the quicksand in Zhanggutai and Weiliansu, in particular, successfully controlled the quicksand on both sides of highways in Weiliansu with straw checkerboard barriers.