WUXI, July 27, China Daily - Wuxi Flower Market, a large trade center for greenhouse flowers in East China's Jiangsu province, held a promotion campaign on July 27, attended by over 50 flower businesses from 15 provinces in the country. A total of 27 cooperation projects worth over 22 million yuan ($3.6 million) were signed that day.

The projects cover various fields, including new flower and tree species cultivation, wedding photography, flower arrangement training, a succulent plant base and stone arts.

Wedding photography boasted the largest investment among all the projects, – totaling 10 million yuan – by a local culture and media company. With an indoor shooting area of over 6,000 square meters and an outdoor base of over 100 mu (6.7 hectares), it will become the largest professional wedding photography base in East China. It is expected to open to the public next spring and to attract about 100 newlywed couples every day.

Since Wuxi Flower Market opened last December, it has attracted over 100 investors from East China, with businesses covering flowers, bonsais, aquatic plants, gardening materials and equipment and root carving works. The market has received nearly 50,000 customers with a total sales volume of 15 million yuan.