In recent years, Hebei Mulan Weichang State-owned Forestry Bureau has got rid of the backward technology system, promoted scientific silviculture, and made full use of existing forest resources for close-to-nature management, producing ecological benefits as well as moving towards a healthy direction.

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Figure 1 Dilapidated scene of watershed before management at Hebei Mulan Weichang State-owned Forestry Bureau

Since 2009, Mulan Forestry Bureau has adjusted forest resource management strategies and carried out the operation under the principle of appropriateness for afforestation and cultivation, controlling clear cutting, improving forests of low quality and yield, and overall natural growing pattern, with the focus shifted from felling to grow seedlings. In 2011, Mulan Forestry Bureau defined the developmental philosophy of “close-to-nature forest management”, and developed almost natural but natural-above forest operation system of sustainable management with complete functions and excellent quality. Over years, Mulan Forestry Bureau totally reduced clear cutting area by 20, 000 mu, increased new forests by 10, 000 mu, 20 million seedlings were cultivated and the forest coverage rate rose by 6%. 


Figure 2 Watershed management and afforestation process of Hebei Mulan Weichang State-owned Forestry Bureau 

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Figure 3 Watershed Management Effect of Hebei Mulan Weichang State-owned Forest Bureau 

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Figure 4 On July 29, 2014, staff of Hebei Mulan Weichang State-owned Forest Bureau was investigating the biodiversity of forest tending.

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