ZHEJIANG, November 7 -- The 8th China Yiwu International Forest Products Fair concluded on November 4, 2015. The total trading volume of four-day Fair is 4.718 million yuan, with an increase of 0.75%.

China Yiwu_International_Forest_Products_Fair_concluded_with_a_trading_volume_of_over_4.7_million

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HENAN, November 2, Chinadaily -- Sanmenxia's forestry industry in Henan province achieved an economic output of 10.17 billion yuan ($1.6 billion) between January and September this year. The good results have effectively increased the incomes of many farmers in the city, according to latest statistics.

Thanks to policymaking efforts made by the Sanmenxia local government, farmers can receive financial support from policy funds. Walnut farmers are among those who have benefited from the government subsidies. Farmers with more than 66,667 square meters of walnut-growing land are entitled to a subsidy of 50 yuan for every 666.67 sq m.

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TAIPEI, October 30, Xinhua -- 2015 Taipei International Flower Design Award show in Taipei, southeast China's Taiwan, Oct. 31, 2015.

2015 Taipei_Intl_Flower_Design_Award_show_kicks_off

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BEIJING, October 27, Chinadaily -- The twelfth annual Changping Apple Festival kicked off at the Changping Apple Theme Park on Oct 24, with hundreds of people participating.

Changping hosts_its_annual_apple_festival

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HUBEI, October 14 -- The first Forest Oxygen Bar forum was held in Hubei province on October 10, 2015. Zhang Yongli, vice administrator of State Forestry Administration of China authorized the title of “China’s forest oxygen bar” to a group of orgnizations.

Chinas First_Forest_Oxygen_Bar_Forum_held_in_Hubei

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