Qingyuan Man Autonomous County, located in the eastern mountain area of Liaoning, is a key forestry county in Liaoning Province. Forest land area in Qingyuan County is 312,561.9 ha, with the forest cover of 71.4%, accounting for 79.59% of total county land area. Qingyuan County is a pilot demonstrati in situ of national forest administration, where the forest category division work started in the late 1980s. In recent years, based on the strategic objective of “developing themajor ecological county in Liaoning”, Qingyuan County strengthens the development of forestry ecological system, which is starting from developing “green ecological shelter zone” and “clean water source” of urban agglomeration around Shenyang. First, it allocates 182,00 ha of public welfare forest, where the national public welfare forest area is 86,700 ha with strict conservation; second, it suspends commercial logging on 95,300 ha of natural forest; as of the third, it establishes Liaoning Hun River Source Provincial Level Nature Reserve with the area of 18,900 ha with standardized management; fourth, it conducts mountain closure in fragile ecological area, with the closure area of 33,000 ha, which ensuring the closure area will grow to mature forest; last, it launches public plantation and greening campaign, and endeavors to develop forest reserve resources, which has accumulatively afforestation of 43,300 ha since 2006.  

Qianyuan County


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Since the foundation of new China, the accumulative area of afforestation reached 247 million ha, including 217 million ha of artificial plantings, ranking the first in the world, and 30 million ha of aero seeding. Since the inclusion of mountain closure from 1981, the accumulative area of mountain closure for forest restoration was 120 million ha. The forest coverage has been increased from 8.6% at the beginning of the new china to 18.2%.

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The fourth session of the 5th National People’ s Congress released Resolution on Carrying out the Voluntary Tree Planting Campaign Nationwide in 1981 and then the State Council promulgated Measures for Carrying out the Voluntary Tree Planting Campaign Nationwide. From then on, a legal, compulsory and nationwide tree-planting activity flourishes vigorously in China.

Over 30 years, leaders at all levels take the lead, and all sectors of society and the general public actively fulfill their obligations to plant trees for ecological construction; mechanism innovation continues to be pushed forward; key ecological restoration projects steadily advance; afforestation and greening of key areas to be carried out in a down-to-earth manner; new progress has been made in the greening of the departments; afforestation policy mechanism has been improved constantly.

The Eighth National Forest Inventory shows that China has forest area of 208 million hectares, 21.63% forest coverage and forest volume of 15.137 billion cubic meters. Plantations reach to 69 million hectares with a volume of 2.483 billion cubic meters.

With constant afforestation, trees become more and more, mountains and lands turn greener and greener. China not only improves its own ecological environment, but also contributes to the global harmonious development of people and nature.

1.12 Afforestation of Beautiful China 1

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In early autumn, the afforestation zone of Xiaobazi Village and Haizigou Village in Xiaobazi Town, Fengning Manzu Autonomous County, Hebei Province, is eyeful green, and 50-60cm high robust Chinese Pine (Pinus tabulaeformis) seedlings have been planted on the slopes. This is one of Beijing- Hebei Water Resources Protection Forest Construction Cooperation Projects as well as a miniature of national ecological civilization demonstration area co-constructed by Beijing and Tianjin governments.thumb image030

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BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Oct. 23, Xinhua - Brunei Darussalam hosted the National Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) Seminar under the ASEANRepublic of Korea Forest Cooperation (AFoCo) Project on Thursday.

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